About us

NTG Continent AB is a successful privately-owned transport company, which offers customised transport solutions within virtually all areas.

We provide service to our customers on land, water, and air, and we ship your goods safely to their destination. NTG Continent AB is part of nordic transport group.Together with NTG Solutions AB, NTG Växjö AB and NTG Cargoworld, we can put greater focus on your needs and ensure continuity across markets.

All transport to/from sweden is organised and coordinated from our main office in Malmö, which has been purposefully chosen due to its central location. Apart from Malmö, the transport is coordinated form our offices in Jönköping and Växjö.

Our skilled employees are ready to manage shipments to and from Europe, and monitor them all the way to their destination using the latest technological tools. Our logistics are highly optimised and extremely efficient, so as to avoid covering unnecessary distances and wasting time. As something truly special, we can offer the crosstrade transporter, which provides transport between various countries in Europe.